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Flower Care and Delivery Instructions

     The condition in which we receive your flowers makes the biggest impact on how well your finished design turns out. Treat your delicate flowers very gently. Keep in mind that bruised or stressed flowers will likely turn brown or fall apart once freeze-dried. Some flowers may be able to be touched up with beautiful results. Others may become permanently damaged. Follow these simple steps to ensure the highest quality possible:

  • For best results, we should receive your flowers within 48 hours of your event. If your event has already happened, please contact us immediately to start the process as quickly as possible. Older or poor quality flowers may limit design possibilities.
  • Keep the flowers hydrated. If you have a clutch bouquet with exposed stems, keep the bouquet in a vase of water (being careful not to damage any ribbons or ties, if possible). Once you are home, trim about 1/2 in off the exposed stems to help them take up water. If flowers are arranged in floral foam, moisten the foam with water.
  • Keep flowers cool, but DO NOT FREEZE. Place the flowers in a cool location, such as a cool basement or refrigerator. If using a portable cooler, do not let ice packs come in contact with flowers. If your fridge has a tendency to freeze items, do not trust the flowers in it. Do not store with fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid bright or warm locations. Both may cause the flowers to open too quickly or wilt.
  • Deliver flowers in a pre-cooled vehicle to avoid heat shock. (Run the car with the air conditioner on high for several minutes before delivery.) If your event is during freezing winter temperatures, please call for special delivery instructions.
  • Bring along any deposits or forms required upon delivery. A signed "Terms and Conditions" form and $150 deposit is required before we can start processing your flowers. This deposit is applicable toward your final display cost and is non-refundable.
  • Please call several days ahead of time, if possible, to arrange a delivery time and location. If you would prefer, we may be able to pick up your flowers for you at your event or other specified location for a reasonable fee.
  • If you are entrusting someone else with the care and delivery of your flowers after your event, please give them a copy of the flower care sheet (below) for reference.
  • Finally... Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns! We would like to make this process as smooth as possible, and will assist in any way we can.

flower care (PUB — 119 KB)

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