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The Creative Process

And Payment Policies

             At Treasured Petals, we understand that you are entrusting us with something that is very precious to you—a floral representation of an important moment in your life. Our goal is to preserve your flowers in an artful design that is as unique and special as you are, while maintaining a respect for the treasured mementos that we are handling. As we begin this exciting process, it is important that you understand what your flowers and items may undergo in order to complete your design. Also outlined below are the expected payment and pick-up procedures, as well as important liability, warranty, and other miscellaneous information:

 · All flowers are pre-treated with solutions that help improve durability and color retention. Different treatments are required depending on flower type and color. Therefore, bouquets and arrangements must be disassembled to allow each flower to be individually processed.

 · After undergoing the freeze-dry process, the best flowers will be selected to use in your design. Color enhancement may be used to improve the look of older/ bruised flowers. Damaged flowers may be substituted with like flowers without notice if the designer deems it necessary. If excessive substitution is required, you will be notified in advance and additional charges will apply. Any processed flowers not used in the final display become the property of Treasured Petals.

 · While every precaution is taken to maintain the color integrity of your flowers through pre-treatment and enhancement, some slight color change is unavoidable. In addition, most flowers will naturally mellow over time, taking on a more Victorian shading. This is reduced using UV filter acrylic, and can further be minimized by placing your completed display away from moist or brightly lit areas (i.e., bathroom, kitchen, etc).

 · All items are mounted without regard to damage, staining, or reversibility. Any items you may want to use later (i.e., glassware) or pass on to others (i.e., handkerchief) should NOT be included in your display.

 · A deposit of $150.00 is required to hold space in the freeze-dryer, or when flowers are dropped off, whichever is sooner. This deposit is non-refundable and is applicable to the final cost of your design. Display selection must be made within three weeks of dropping off your flowers, at which time 50% of the remaining balance is due. Final balance is due a minimum of 10 days before receipt of your finished design. If you prefer, we can set up a personally tailored payment plan for you. Payments are non-refundable and all sales are final. Payments are accepted as cash, check, or money order. Returned checks are subject to a NSF fee of $25, and all remaining payments would require cash or money order.

 · At Treasured Petals, we stand behind the quality of our work. If you have a problem with your keepsake, please call us immediately so we can correct the problem. Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for 90 days from receipt of your design. All repairs are done at no cost during this time. Damage due to mishandling will not be covered. After the warranty period, repairs can be made at a reasonable cost. In the event of a “Natural Disaster” during the drying or design process (i.e. power outage, machine failure, etc.), our liability is limited to a refund of the clients’ deposit as well as any payments received.

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