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Let Treasured Petals Turn Your

Treasured Memories Into

Lasting Keepsakes


Morgantown, WV

And Surrounding Areas. 

About us:

     Treasured Petals preserves your special occasion flowers to create a lasting and unique keepsake honoring your marriage, the passing of your loved one, the birth of your child... whatever you want to remember for years to come! Your flowers are freeze-dried to capture the beauty of fresh flowers, with the enduring quality of silk. All arrangements are tailored to the clients' individual taste, with a large variety of display options available. Your floral keepsake is sure to be timeless, beautiful, YOU-nique!

Freeze-drying FAQ's :

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freeze- drying?

     Freeze-drying is a method of extracting moisture from items at very low temperatures while under a deep vacuum. The process requires specialized equipment and usually takes flowers approximately two weeks to complete. The freeze-dry method has been in practice for decades. However, it's use in the floral industry is relatively recent.

Why freeze-dry flowers?

     Freeze-drying flowers produces the most natural looking results of any drying method available. Because the drying process occurs at extremely low temperatures, flowers retain cell structure and shrinking is minimal. Also, color retention is maximized. Chemical treatments further enhance these positive qualities. Years of research and experimentation have determined what treatment methods work best for each type of flower to ensure beautiful results.

Are the frames / shadowboxes necessary?

     In addition to enhancing the beauty of your arrangement, a frame or shadowbox provides a sealed protective environment for your preserved florals. Left unprotected, your arrangement may succumb to moisture and insect damage, causing severely premature deterioration. Also, our framed designs are sealed under a special UV filter acrylic to resist fading from light exposure. Be sure to browse the available styles on the following page.

How long will my preserved arrangement last?

     There are many factors that will determine the longevity of your preserved arrangement. Ideally, the finished piece should be displayed in a temperature controlled environment, away from direct light or humid areas. The arrangement should be handled gently, without jarring or shaking. Rough handling may loosen delicate dried materials, or worse, break the frame seal, exposing the contents to moisture and insect damage. Even under ideal conditions, the flowers will naturally fade to a lovely Victorian antique color over time. However, with proper care and handling, your preserved arrangement should provide you with years, even decades, of memories and enjoyment.

Still think preservation is out of your budget? Here's something to consider...

     Most people spend hundreds of dollars, some even thousands, on flowers for their wedding or special event. However, they are only able to really enjoy the beautiful blooms for one or two days, or some even just a few hours. True, you will always have the pictures, but wouldn't it be great to actually have the bouquet you carried on your special day? You can hang a picture of your bouquet on the wall, and guests will say, "Look how pretty that bouquet was." Hang your preserved arrangement on the wall, and guests will exclaim, "Look how gorgeous those flowers are!" Keep the flowers as vivid as your memory, have them preserved!

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